Class 5: Review


Wednesday Mar 27, 2019


  • Facticity -> humans exist and have no essence

  • Choice -> human “becomings” instead of human beings.

  • Consciousness of free will -> anguish

  • Bad faith -> to deny having free will.

Ex. Simone de Beauvoir refused to marry, though having a long time relationship, to avoid bad faith.


Aka multi-self, multi-constellation theory

  • Do not limit humans to a single set of traits.

  • Only men are reasonable and completely human.

  • Other traits are essential to humans to, such as emotion, for you don’t want to be without emotion.

7 Selves

A form of Feminism

  • Different views of who we are

  • Our views

  • Views of others

  • We can never be completely objective about who we are

Ex. “How do you think of me?”

We have multiple intelligences and should not have IQ test.


  • Mind - body

  • Soul lives on body


There is only one physical reality and free will does not exist, because everything is governed by physical laws.

  • Only physical

  • Brain/body -> one reality


  • Human behaviors are governed by inputs/outputs

  • Human brains are like computers
    • Mental state -> functional state
      • causal input,

      • causal output

    • Mind can be studied without the brain

digraph { rankdir="LR"; input -> output[label="Mental state"]; }


We are made by the environment and external stimuli. Free will is a lie.

  • No mind/self

  • Only our actions

  • Behaviors only

  • Conditioning/learning
    • input -> output (actions)

    • punishment and reinforcement