Maze Solver

Final Robotics Project for CS450HO.

I realized the major difficulty with the Interet now is not finding the information, but to filter information. Information exists everywhere, and it’s impossible for a person to go through it. It’s not hard to find the right information, but to find the related information. So, a month after the start of this project, I decided to put this table on the top of this journal, though few people will ever find this journal.


Two Words Summary/Highlight

October 13

Project Proposal

October 14

Base Classes

October 17

Physics Calculation

October 24

Data Structures

October 25

Research: Power

October 26

User Interface

October 27

User Interface

October 28

Maze Generation

October 30

Physical Structures

November 6


November 7

Soldering Parts

November 8

3D Printing

November 10

Prototype: Base

November 12

Prototype: Base

November 13

Prototype: Robot

November 14

Wiring: Robot

November 15

Line Follower

November 16

Programing: PID